1. Menu Bar

    Access various features and settings of PayloadStudio. Clicking one will toggle the menu open/closed.

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  2. Resources

    Links directly to relevant repositories, Hak5 PayloadHub, Shop and Community.

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  3. Payload Editor

    Here you can craft your payloads for all your favorite Hak5 gear. We've got it all set up for you with everything from autocompletion to syntax highlighting and more. Remember: you can customize your experience in the Settings!

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  4. Compile

    Compile your DuckyScript payloads, or, for other device modes, save your payload.

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  5. Console

    PayloadStudio will use this as a location to tell you important info. It's also used for DuckyScript Debugging/Breakpoints. It can be used to test parts of your payload, it's also a convenient text editor with the ability to Edit, Save, Clear, and toggle Open with ease.

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  6. Help

    Here you can find links to more detailed documentation as well as other useful info

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  7. Session Status

    Toggle the Editor between READ ONLY / EDITING by clicking here. The ✔ indicates the Auto Session Save status (red: pending, green: saved)

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  8. Breadcrumbs

    Change Editor Modes by clicking the device name or logo, and view + edit your current payload filename. Give it a shot!